Yield Tactics is an independent consulting boutique firm specialized in pricing, helping businesses across many industries to adopt top-class pricing strategies to maximize their revenue.


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Pricing expertise

Yield Tactics’ Senior Consultants can quickly address most of your pricing challenges and business opportunities. All of our consultants have at least 15 years’ of experience working at the headquarters of large and small multinational companies in the pricing, sales, IT, and project management areas. Before working with us, most of our consultants held lead pricing positions in at least three different companies, countries, and continents.

Yield Tactics works with its own proprietary frameworks, techniques, and tools to conduct audits, health checks and offer a large range of services such as consultancy, advisory, training, coaching, and mentoring.


« Yield Tactics transforms your organization and people by improving processes, best pricing management practices, data and digital technology to gain sustainable, competitive advantages. »

Industries we serve

Our tariff expertise comes primarily from the airline sector, which has evolved over decades to be the most sophisticated and best-in-class pricing model in the world. Nowadays, Yield Tactics proposes services to a wide range of clients.


Airlines are Yield Tactics’ core business. We are in a position to serve legacy, low-cost, charters, short-haul, long-haul, regional and sixth freedom hub carriers.

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Banking and Insurance

With the advent of online banks and insurers, it has never been easier to compare and buy new financial and insurance services. While traditional players face competition from online banks and financial startups with expensive acquisition methods and aggressive prices, the profitability of these entities raises questions. What if optimizing price grids based on customer segmentation and usage would attract more customers, while maximizing their average spending? Yield Tactics offers its services to financial institutions that want to change their pricing structures by establishing competitive price comparison processes, refining customer segmentation, and performing revenue simulations to determine the impact of new pricing structures.

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Consumer packaged goods

We help businesses in any industry to improve their assessment of the optimal price for their products. Among many factors, we examine product value, competition, price elasticity and customer willingness to pay. We assess the pertinence and effectiveness of your promotional activities, propose fare increases, and design efficient price structures. We can calculate the right pricing points for your new products applying psychological pricing theories validated by science and research. By choosing Yield Tactics’ pricing experience, you will have the confidence to maximise your revenue and profitability.

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Yield Tactics assists e-commerce companies to benchmark their prices online and setup advanced dynamic pricing systems.

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Yield Tactics consulting services can be tailored to your specific education needs: how to price your classroom and online educative programs in order to maximize your earnings, respective to your targeted students, desired quality of education, and campus capacity.

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Energy, oil & gas

Whether they distribute energy produced from green or carbon power sources, energy distribution companies are pressured by an increasing number of factors, and must take advantage of deregulation and tax exemption opportunities. Consumers can easily compare energy prices, no matter what their individual energy usage. This is where pricing strategies are critical to ensure each customer has access to a competitive basic tariff, with appealing upgrade and buddles offers.

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Freight and logistics

Yield Tactics’ Senior Consultants are revenue management experts who can easily address freight and logistics business challenges, applying the most advanced yield management techniques to maximize load factor and revenue of your warehouses, logistics platforms and vehicle fleets.

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Industrial goods

Pricing is probably the most promising discipline to leverage industrial goods revenues, especially when economies are facing shortage. Dynamic pricing techniques and price-elasticity analysis represent incredible potential for better profitability. Yield Tactics’ Senior Consultants work alongside your teams and technological partners to analyze your data and show you the best way to implement pricing and distribution strategies to increase your income.

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IT companies

Yield Tactics’ Senior Consultants assist IT companies and startups to be highly profitable by adopting the most optimized pricing structures, taking into account specific cost structure of the industry such as development, client acquisition, client lifetime value and marginal cost per additional user.

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Media and advertising

Yield Tactics’ experience in revenue management applies to media and advertising. Whether your advertising space is physical or virtual, available advertising space can be highly season-dependent, which requires varied yield and pricing tactics to maximize ad revenue. Our Senior Consultants assist you in taking more opportunities, maximizing revenue on peak dates/times, and increasing reservations duro,g low-demand periods using proven price and distribution strategies.

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Public sector

The public sector offers number of services to citizens - and some of them come with a price. Yield Tactics helps you implement the right pricing strategies that best fit your political, stakeholder and economic constraints.

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Yield Tactics is well positioned to serve telecommunications companies such as internet providers and mobile networks, which are facing deregulation in a highly-competitive environment.

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Real estate

Real estate companies face a pricing dilemma: while it is essential from a cash-flow perspective to have a large proportion of properties sold before construction, selling them too quickly may underscore that the selling price and overall return on investment were not maximised. Yield Tactics suggests applying revenue management techniques from the airline industry to build a sales process that allows selling of the same unit type and size at different prices, allowing you to gradually increase the selling price per square meter up to the end of construction, while reaching 100% sales of your units.

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Which pricing model should you use? Should you apply the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), or use the keystone, bundle, discount, penetration, loss-leader, or many other pricing strategies? Yield Tactics senior consultants will help you design models and processes to ensure your teams can apply the most optimized tariffs at any time, maximising your pricing and revenue in the long run.

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Yield Tactics offers pricing consulting to all transportation businesses: airlines, trains, public networks, bulk and containers goods, trucks, barges, ferries, toll gates (highways bridges, tunnels), taxis, mail, delivery networks, and others.

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Travel & Tourism

Yield Tactics erves companies across the travel and tourism industries, including hotels, airlines, rail companies, cruise lines, ferries, bus networks, car and vehicle rental services, meetings & events (MICE) operators, travel startups, and many others.

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Our expertise

Revenue management & yield
Sales & commercial
Data & digital
IT Projects
Organization & Transition Management


The right price, in the right place, at the right time, to the right customer

Industries under price pressure must adopt advanced pricing processes and aquire strong pricing skills. The challenge for pricing teams is to monitor competition, analyze large data sets, and react quickly. These are highly time-consuming tasks that leave too little time for strategic thinking.

At Yield Tactics, we strongly believe an effective pricing strategy should be based on automated benchmarking, strong data analysis capabilities, and high speed to market implementing segmented and multi-channel pricing actions. Along with a clear fare branding structure that takes into consideration not only the product priced, but the total revenue that the customer may generate during their guest experience interacting with your products and services.

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Revenue management & yield

Increase your revenue management team’s capabilities to deliver budgeted revenue

Yield Tactics’ Senior Consultants improve your revenue management team’s capabilities to detect at an early stage when there is a gap between booking loads, forecasts, and budget in order to implement quickly corrective actions along with your sales force. We believe that the most important skill of an effective revenue management team is the ability to detect at an early stage that things are not going as initially forecast, and react quickly, in close cooperation with commercial teams.

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Sales & commercial

Boost your sales team performance

Commercial performance requires specific pricing strategies and skills. Yield Tactics help you increase the performance of your sales force by defining commercial strategies tailored to your price model, customer segmentation, and distribution channels. We propose a wide range of consulting, advisory, training, and coaching services to enhance your data reporting, establish a performance-tracking culture, and focus your teams on the most profitable sources of business acquisition.

We translate your strategic goals into clear and meaningful actions, while keeping them aligned with yield management objectives.

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Project management

Ensure your strategic projects are delivered on time and on budget

Yield Tactics offer project management, distribution, and IT advisory services to digitalize your business, increase customer satisfaction, improve your digital presence, decrease your costs of sales, optimize your distribution channels, and multiply your merchandising and ancillaries’ capabilities. We help you digitalize your business and revenue management functions.

Success of an IT or organizational project lays in smooth two-way communication and effective project management skills. To get the full value of your information technology projects, your organization requires first of all effective project management skills.

Yield Tactics tailors its project management offering to your needs: our Senior Consultants can assist your project management team with best practices, lead your programs as a project manager, and equip your organization with Project Management Office (PMO), documentation and processes.

Each project is unique. You can use Yield Tactics’ senior consultants to inject punctually the skills and resources you need, or to lead your projects on full or part-time basis. When reporting directly with the project sponsor and vice president levels, we provide a clear picture of the project progress and recover strategic projects that have run into difficulty.

Yield Tactics’ Senior Consultants also perform independent audits to assess whether you are getting the most out of your systems and internal processes: are there redundancies between systems or services, cost-saving opportunities rationalizing work flows, better services you can provide to your customers with existing resources, or opportunities to benchmark, outsource or renegotiate terms with your suppliers?

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Unlock your business potential

With their senior management-level experience in commercial and revenue management positions, Yield Tactics’ Senior Consultants conduct organizational health checks and audits.

Many travel companies have found it difficult to digitize their business processes, and to convert their data lakes and big data into tangible revenue. Our expertise in BI solutions implementation will enable you to quickly deploy agile architecture. We can provide your airline considerable added value by streamlining your business processes to take advantage of technology, along with training and coaching services to leverage your team’s capabilities to extract value from data. Our expertise is particularly valuable for marketing (CRM), Revenue Management and Pricing systems(RMS), data reporting tools (BI), and commercial performance automation and measurement (Sales Force).

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Diagnostic 360 - Organizational audit


Data & digital

We transform data and business insights into revenue

With their strong revenue management, data analysis, project and IT background, Yield Tactics’ Senior Consultants can easily embark on your Data & Digital transformation programs to provide your teams with business advise and guidance. We recover your projects that have run into difficulty and make sure they will be delivered on time with the expected results.

Many travel companies have found it difficult to digitize their business processes, and to convert their data lakes and big data into tangible revenue. Yield Tactics’ expertise in BI solutions implementation enables agile architecture and fast deployments. We provide your company with considerable added value by streamlining your business process to take advantage of digital technology, along with training and coaching services to leverage your team’s capabilities to extract value from data and systems. Our expertise is particularly valuable for commercial, revenue management and pricing systems and solutions.

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« Yield Tactics’ Senior Consultants’ capabilities span most of pricing topics. They are agile and have considerable international and multicultural experience, working at headquarters of large multinational companies such as airlines. »

Yield Management Services


Yield Tactics’ services can be combined to create an integrated value proposal tailored to your business requirements. You engage with only one partner to implement your projects and solve your challenges. Our solutions are simple and pragmatic in order to guarantee fast ROI.


Yield Tactics’ Senior Consultants are experts in pricing and revenue management. With 15 years’ average experience working for multinational companies of various sizes on 4 continents, our consultants have experienced most of the pricing challenges you are facing today. They propose solutions that fit your organization’s structure and budget. You can confidently engage with them to reengineer your business process and embark on your digitalization and transformation projects.

Yield Tactics works with its proprietary frameworks and provides templates, reporting, and automation solutions. When required, we can create analytics tools based on Excel spreadsheets. For larger organizations, we have a more robust IT approach, helping our clients to select a technological partner and assist transition with a project management approach.

Yield Tactics has a flexible fees structure (per man day/hour or project-based). We are able to work on your site or remotely. Discuss with us the possibility to contract a remote preparation package plan ahead of the principal on-site consultancy service: this is a very cost-effective approach that maximizes the ROI of our engagement.

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Our advisory service is designed for chief executives who need to make challenging business decisions. Yield Tactics’ Senior Consultants share knowledge and expertise, and review assumptions of internal business cases to provide precious business insights so that you can take the right decision.

Advisory can be contracted on an ad hoc basis, as a long-term partnership plan or as part of a specific project.

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Our most popular training services are yield management e-learning courses. We also deliver customized training solutions and materials to train your staff with the best industry practices, and reinforce your business policies and strategic goals.

When combined with our consulting services, our tailored training programs ensure our business recommendations will be effectively followed by your operational teams. Our Senior Consultants are available to implement our recommendations, or the recommendations of another consulting firm. Building up a training program to engage and empower your teams is highly recommended if you intend to seize the full value of our consulting recommendations. Our training modules are offered as independent products or within a service package.

Yield Tactics’ Senior Consultants can also create courses for trainind centers, engineering institutes, universities and business schools.

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Coaching & mentoring

Beyond training, coaching and mentoring are effective solutions to empower your staff and make them more productive and pertinent in their role. In many situations, coaching is a more powerful tool than training or consulting. Coaching and mentoring are very cost-effective. They should definitively be considered if you are aiming to increase your team performance. Conducted online through video calls over a long period of time, coaching addresses specific technical skills gaps, but also the mindset and soft skills dimensions. If your teams are currently running into difficulty, meeting all the expectations of their position in a highly demanding work environment, discuss your needs with a Yield Tactics’ Senior consultant to define what the most appropriate formula for your team is.

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How to engage with Yield Tactics

Yield Tactics carefully studies all business solicitations and responds positively to those that are a good fit for the skills of our available consultants. We particularly excel in delivering high return on investment with short-duration projects. On top of your core requirements, we can propose a remote preparation work package, as well as post-service health check, training and coaching.


We respond to all RFI and RFP you submit within 5 business days. By including Yield Tactics in all your tenders, you are ensured to quickly receive a detailed solution proposal customized to your needs that will deliver predictable and timely business outcome.

You can reach us anytime through one of our continental points of contact to get scheduled a video call at your earliest convenience with a Yield Tactics expert who will spend time with you to understand the challenges you wish to address. You can also send us your RFI or RFP directly by email.

After your discussion with a Yield Tactics Senior Consultant takes place, you can expect to receive a business partnership proposal within 2 to 5 business days.

Points of contact

Although our head office is located in Annecy, 30 miles south of Geneva, our team is 100% remote. You can reach us through any of our three virtual points of contact:


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